Ballad project makes export of digital services possible!

The Ballad project aims to open up the markets for digital services around Central Baltic Sea Region. The project develops methods to support SMEs in internationalization of digital services. A network of Living Labs like organizations is established in between Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Sweden.

Through this project there is a good opportunity to increase the economical exchange between the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea Region.

The project will result in:

  • A process for supporting a SME interested in internationalization of digital services. This process will lead to new business in a foreign country. The process provides:
    • Methods and tools to support the SMEs
    • Access to local knowledge
    • Access to end users for trials.
  • A web based portal to support SMEs. 10-12 pilot cases performed with export/import of digital services in between the countries.
  • A good understanding of needs from the SMEs for internationalization of digital services.



BALLAD - Central Baltic Living Labs For Digital Services

Our experiences from interacting with SMEs show great challenges in internationalization for SMEs producing digital services. The challenges consist of everything from not knowing the foreign language, addressing a different business environment, no customer contacts to not having the distribution channels and sufficient resources. The projects focus is to understand these challenges and provide support for the SMEs in their internationalization processes. The project is executing this support by having local presence on each market.

In order to try out the methods we are focusing on certain areas as eHealth and eLearning, and are running pilots with SMEs during 2012.

  • Supportive market and counseling information for your internationalization processes
  • Information about the support services provided by the Ballad network
  • Suggestion and contacts for further discussions


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Per-Olof Sjöberg

Project Manager

E-mail : pos[at]

Phone : +46 70 519 0491


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